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After the hhhh[at] Creation of Uttarakhand state in November 9, 2000 as 27sup>th/sup> state of India. It was felt by Govt. of Uttarakhand that vide extension of sericulture in all over the state it is necessary to establish a separate Directorate./p> p>Through which DOS Uttarakhand can generate the employment opportunities for unemployed people as well as up-liftment of the socio economic condition of rural people in the state. After some time in year 2001 A separate Directorate of Sericulture Uttarakhand was established in the state by Govt. of Uttarakhand under the Ministry of Horticulture./p> p>Since inception DOS Uttarakhand was already a vast infrastructure for development of various type of sericulture in the state./p> p>But a newly created Uttarakhand state has a long traditional and great history of silk production. Its is being told that Captain Hutton introduced sericulture in the hills of Mussoorie in the year 1858 and Messers Lister & Company took up commercial production of silk in a village on Dehradun - Haridwar Road,  which is later named as strong>“Resham Majari”./strong>/p> p>Uttarakhand state is the only state which is producing all four kind of cocoon viz Mulberry, Oak tasar, Muga and Ericulture. But Uttarakhand also known as strong>em>“Bowl of Bivoltine silk in India”/em>/strong> because of its high quality Bivoltine cocoons of International grade./p> p>strong>span style="text-decoration: underline;">CLIMATIC CONDITION OF THE STATE: -/span>/strong>/p> p>Over all climatic condition of the state very suitable for silk sector.  But climatic conditions of some pockets of the state are very pleasant and advantageous for development of silk production. The temperature and relative moisture range from 4.5sup>o/sup>c to 40.0 sup>o/sup>c and 26% to 95% in the state respectively Average rainfall is about 1800 mm and 80% rainfall is found between June and September. Maximum rainfall occurs during July while natural climatic conditions during April, May, September and October are must suitable for Mulberry and Oak tasar silkworm rearing./p> p> Mulberry sericulture is practiced mainly in plains and Doon valley with scattered occurrence in hilly region where oak Tasar culture is practiced. DOS Uttarakhand has engaged various NGO in different district of Uttarakhand to run sericulture projects for over all growth mulberry silk industry in the state as well as employment generation to the rural people./p> p>Sericulture has developed a unique perspective in the context of livelihood development and soil conservation in the plain and hills. Efforts have been initiated to develop strong>em>Vanya silk/em>/strong> (Oak tasar, Muga and Ericulture) in last few years. 

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