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  • To ensure complete and holistic development of sericulture in Uttarakhand state.
  • To improve managerial and technical skills through training and input supports.
  • To generate employment opportunity to rural mass.
  • Exploitation of locally available natural grown silkworm host plant for economic development of rural mass.
  • Participation of women and BPL families in sericulture development programme.


 Production of 2-A grade raw silk.

  • Tie-up of weaver cluster with raw silk production units
  • Emphasis on value addition and to develop the state as producer state as well as consumer state.
  • Increase in present income of rearers through silkworm rearing to a economically viable level by introducing one additional silkworm crop.
  • Adoption of different multiple model of sericulture development, depending on the available potentials and suitability of the region.
  • Development of forest based Vanya Silk( Oak tasar, Muga and Eri).
  • Increase in silkworm host plant wealth through Van Panchayat and Forest Department.
  • Promotion of organic sericulture and water harvesting devices in sericulture programme.
  • Blending of various type of silk yarn with traditional /natural yarn produce in the state.


  • Suitable climate for production of high quality bivoltine silk.
  • Climate & socio economic conditions are suitable for production of all four types of silk.
  • Availability of mulberry trees on bunds and courtyards of farmer.
  • Availability of natural grown food plants.
  • Good research and seed production base and infrastructure of Central Silk Board in the state.
  • Availability of sericulture societies, SHGs, NGOs etc.
  • Availability of cocoon market and reeling units


  • Communitization of departmental farms.
  • Formations of Self help groups.
  • Involvement of private sector/ NGO.
  • Emphasis on quality production.
  • Training and skill up-gradation of departmental staff.
  • Development of silk weaving.
  • Exploitation of available food plants for the development of Vanya Silks.
  • Development of sericulture through Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
  • Cocoon markets function on open auction system.
  • A revolving fund of Rs. 2 crores with 50% share from CSB has been created to ensure spot and cash payment  to the rearers.
  • Computerized database of each rearer is being maintained.
  • Rearers are ensured cash payment on the same day.


  • Oak tasar culture in upper hills and mulberry sericulture in Doon valley and Tarai.l
  • 31 Govt. farms have been communitized to sericulture Societies and SHGs.
  • Involvement of NGOs for effective extension
  • Formation of Uttarakhand Co-operative Resham Federation.
  • Leasing out of growth center (Reeling units) to entrepreneurs for their
  • Capacity building.
  • Raw silk production only on multi end reeling machines.


  • Promotion of “Vanya Silks”.
  • Promotion of farm to fabric concept/activities for value addition.
  • Consultancy of Chinese experts for qualitative and quantitative improvement of sericulture.
  • Establishment of silk park for promotion of post cocoon activities.
  • Extension of sericulture programme on cluster approach.
  • Strengthening of govt. silk farm specially of upper hills.

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